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Seller - Create Lot

You may create your own lot below. To create a lot, you must first have registered to be able to enter a username and password in the boxes below. If you do not yet have your own username, please register now. It's easy and it's free!

As a seller you also have the facility to bar any particular member of the Speedbid community from bidding on your lots. This facility is available to you in your My Speedbid which you can enter via the Speedbid homepage.


Please do not enter any HTML tags in any of the fields, including the lot main heading or description. All HTML tags will automatically be removed.

                                        (e.g., WW2 Officer's Group of Medals)


LOT LOCATION (required):

    Please do not enter other site information in the Lot Description Box.
    Stick to describing your item. If you wish to advertise your site please
    use the dedicated site links facility that has been provided for your
    convenience via the Speedbid homepage. Similarly, please do not enter phone
    numbers, email addresses or requests to trade or swap as this info will be
    deleted. Stick to describing your item. Do not identify your RESERVE unless
    it is your Starting Bid.

PAYMENT: Choose as many as apply from (required)
    (if selected, be sure to enter your Paypal email address here)
  Note:  Due to Paypal rules, you cannot accept Paypal for items listed in the
Ammunition or the Arms & Armour categories in Military Collectables.


Additional return policy details:

Note: 5000 character limit. Required if returns are accepted.

You may enter up to 4 pictures for free. For each picture, you can either upload the picture from your computer or enter the URL to the picture. For more information on images, click here.
WARNING: When naming your picture file do not use any other characters other than a-z and 0-9
or an underscore (_) and a hyphen (-) as the Speedbid picture program will not be able to identify
your picture and your picture will not get loaded.
PICTURE 1 (Free Option; upload image or enter url):

PICTURE 2 (Free Option; upload image or enter url):

PICTURE 3(Free Option):

PICTURE 4(Free Option):


STARTING BID: (required)
    Unless you have a reserve, this is the lowest price you will sell for.

RESERVE PRICE: (optional)
The Reserve will remain hidden until the bidding increases from the start bid to a price that matches the Reserve price you have chosen.
IMPORTANT: If you receive an email enquiry asking what your Hidden Reserve is, we recommend that you do not divulge this information. We believe that a bidder who has this information has an unfair advantage over other interested parties and, knowing your hidden reserve, will not place a winning bid until the last minute thereby reducing your chances of getting the best sale price for your lot. After all, if you wish to advertise your reserve then you can quite simply make it the starting price and avoid the email enquiries.

If the item doesn't sell, the Reserve will be displayed at close of auction.

BUY IT NOW PRICE: (optional)
Sell immediately to the first bidder who meets this specified price.

AUCTION DURATION: (Number of days lot should remain open)

Click on REVIEW below to check your listing. Email confirmation that the lot is entered will be be sent out as soon as you hit the 'review' button. At this stage SPEEDBID will inform you of the cost of entering your item in this auction. You will then have the option of deleting the lot. If you delete the lot, you will not be charged anything.

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